Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you about the introduction of an improved version of our new Postmix dispensers, which will provide an even better user experience.

We present the latest devices – Vario Standard 3+1 and Vario Tower 3+1 – Postmix dispensers, which, combined with the newly implemented format of concentrates in aseptic BagInBox 6 kg boxes, will ensure significantly higher efficiency (up to 800 portions from 1 insert of 3 x 6 concentrates kg) and facilitate operation, saving time for replacing and refilling concentrates.

The concentrates supplied to the devices are 3 flavors x 6kg BagInBox each

By ensuring the flexibility of working simultaneously on different Doypack 2.5 kg and BagInBox 6 kg packaging, we have maintained compatibility with the previous sachets.


The new devices feature a perfectly transparent 10-inch touch screen, which replaces the previous 7-inch one. This simplification will make the device panel even more legible, and thanks to a much faster response time, we eliminate the effect of freezing the screen (lag).


We have also expanded the selection of various side panels with new materials, from veneer to stylish lamellas made of natural oak wood. Now you can choose from a wide range of side casing designs to match the design of the device to your arrangement.

For those who value modern design, we also recommend the under-counter version Vario Tower. Not only does it look attractive, but also by placing the device under the buffet counter, we achieve significant space optimization. An additional advantage is the ability to easily adjust the height of the pourer depending on the height of the glass, carafe or jug.

The Vario dispenser will make your work easier and improve the quality of customer service. This is an ideal solution for hotels, bars and restaurants, thanks to which you will gain a competitive advantage.

Best regards,

The Purena brand team