Fruit and vegetable products for gastronomy and individual customers

Purena has been providing professional vegetable and fruit products to gastronomy industry for many years: 100% juices, lemonades, compots, purees from fruits and vegetables, concentrated soups. Purena brand is known and trusted by the most demanding customers in industry, HORECA companies (hotels, restaurants, canteens, catering companies). Thanks to simple recipes and tasty ingredients, Purena perfectly meets the expectations of every customer, both school canteens and 5-star luxury hotels. Until recently we operated only in a gastronomy industry but we received many requests for possibility to buy our products straight to individual customers’ homes. To meet their expectations we decided to prepare special new line of products, dedicated to individual customers. It consists of our tasty lemonades and compots, also juices, purees and concentrated soups.

PURENA – 100% fruits and vegetables, enclosed in comfortable sachets

What differentiates Purena on juice, lemonades and purees market? Flavor, quality and simplicity! Fashions come and go, but real, home-made flavor always works best. After years of experience we know that simplicity, easy composition and references to recognized solutions, give us what we seek. The best recipe for taste is simply good orange juice, everlasting strawberry compot, which tastes just like home-made compots, refreshing lemonade, or delicious mango puree. What is really unique for Purena is the way we sell products: in concentrated form, with reduced amount of packaging, meaning we do respect the enviroment. And it is all without preservatives, redundant water, sweeteners or food stabilisers.

Advantages of Purena products

We pack all products into light and small sachet, called Doypack type. Thanks to this form of packaging, and also new formula „concentrated”, we efficiently reduce the amount of plastic needed to pack 1 liter of final product. Comparing to traditional packaging solutions, like bottles or cardboards, Purena uses 5 times less of plastics

You can read here about our ecological advantages

Purena’s operations in gastronomy are based on three foundations: concentrated products, training and service, technical support in dispensing machines: automatic cooling dispensers POSTMIX, cooling dispensers PREMIX, simple jugs, carafes. We have special product for individual customer also: special measure jug PURENA DZBAN, which makes it easy to prepare compot or lemonade and can be a comfortable way to store drinks at home

Good raw food materials, original technology and care for quality and customer’s satisfaction, they are all most important for Purena. We concentrated on quality and taste!

Watch: how it works!

We realise that needs of gastronomy customer and individual customer are different, this is why we divided our products into two areas