We are pleased to inform you that a delicious NEW has just appeared in our store:


without added sugar and unnecessary additives.

From now on, these seasonal fruits will be at your fingertips all year round!

Be sure to try!

Discover an unusual combination of flavors!

Our cherry puree with apple tastes perfect for direct consumption, but also as an addition to:

pancakes, waffles and pancakes,

savory dishes, e.g. meat sauces,

fruit coolers,

smoothies and cocktails,

ice cream and sorbets,

desserts and pastries,

…everything you decide to try culinary.

A sweet variety of cherry with a delicious apple will surprise you positively every time you try our fruit puree. Bet on 100% sweet Polish fruit, without the addition of preservatives, sugars, artificial colors and other unnatural ingredients. Natural fruits have a positive effect on your health and fantastic well-being, but also simply taste great.

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