On 6-7th of July in hotel Cukrownia Znin there was a contest called Archimagirus Tradition and Modernity, which is nominated to Culinary Cup of Poland. Purena team had a pleasure to participate in this prestigious event, presenting their offer of lemonades, compots, fruit purees and concentrated soups.

Archimagirus Tradition and Modernity is a very impressive contest. This year’s competition in hotel Cukrownia Znin lasted 2 days. Experienced chefs and talented young people representing culinary schools fought for the recognition of jury. Archimagirus is also a form of education for the future chefs.

There were many presentations of products range by key food producers from all over the Poland, including Purena. We had the pleasure to once again treat the participants with our natural products. Particularly popular were lemonades, fruit purees and flavourings to home-made alcohol production Profimator.